Eli Shaw Jnr article - 1900

This article from the weekly brass band newspaper, ‘The Contest Field’, of March 1900, features Eli Shaw Snr and his family of the Denton Original Band.

Standing first left in the back row is Eli Shaw Jnr, who four years after this ‘portrait gallery’ was taken, came to Tredegar to become principal cornet and Bandmaster. It is therefore believed to be the earliest picture of him that is available to the band. 

The article states that Eli Jnr started playing aged 10 in the Barnsley Temperance Band. Later, after progressing through Kingston Reserve Band and then Oldham Rifles, he was appointed solo cornet with Ferrante’s Band (sic), before joining Denton Original in the same role.

A few months after this article appeared, Denton Original became the first band to win the National Brass Band Championship of Great Britain at Crystal Palace. Eli Jnr played repiano cornet that day.

Rather prophetically for Tredegar, the article states; ‘Eli is a very brilliant player, and is much sought after’.

Through research at the Gwent Archives, it has been found that Eli Shaw died, aged 62, on 14th January 1945. His funeral service took place at St James Church, Tredegar on 18th January 1945.