Joseph Gwyer: 1874 - 1875

Joseph Gwyer

Date of Birth: 1840
Date of Death: 1876 (Tredegar)

Conductor:  1874 - 1875

Joseph Gwyer first appears in January 1874 in a Monmouthshire Merlin newspaper report from Tredegar that stated that ‘…the new brass band led by Mr Gwyer will play an overture and some operatic selections’ at ‘Mr Caird’s Annual Concert’.

A little later in March 1875 it is reported that; ‘Tredegar brass band is now in a very efficient state. Under Mr Gwyer they are hard at work preparing for the Swansea competition meeting on Whit Monday’. It was hoped that the band would secure ‘fresh laurels for the first time in the Vale of Glamorgan’.


Joseph Gwyer was born in 1840 and is later noted as being the Bandmaster of the 2nd Lincolnshire Volunteers.

He died, aged just 36, in 1876 and was buried on the 2nd March following a service at St George’s Church in Tredegar.