London Pride - 2015

Following the success of being part of the award-winning film ‘Pride’, the band accepted a request from the activist group Lesbians & Gay Men Support the Miners (LGSM) , whose true story was featured in the release, to lead their participation in the 2015 London Pride Festival.

The LGSM group raised £2000 in just 3 days to help pay for the cost of the band to travel back and forth from Tredegar.

The event is one of the most joyous, colourful celebrations of the strides taken by the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community in the world, and attracts massive support from groups and individuals, as well as multi-national corporate companies who wish to join the occasion through the nation’s capital.

Such is its impact that it closes London’s Oxford Street thoroughfare, and it was estimated that the 2015 event attracted over 1 million people.  

The band was honoured to accept the invitation, leading to a truly memorable day as they performed specially arranged versions of ‘Go West’, ‘YMCA’ and ‘Take a Chance on Me’, accompanied not just be the members of the South Wales Gay Men’s Chorus who joined them for the march, but by the thousands of people at every stop of point on the 3 mile route.      

The band's participation can be viewed at: