Sing Lennon & McCartney LP - 1981

In 1981 the band teamed up with the highly popular singing group the Richard Williams Singers and the Risca Male Voice Choir for what was an innovative cross-genre mix of brass and voice released by the Welsh record producers Black Mountain.

Each ensemble performed individual and joint arrangements of songs by the famous Beatles, with the band also performing a medley of their greatest hits arranged by their them Musical Director Albert Meek. Hits which featured the band included 'Penny Lane', 'Because', 'Yesterday', 'When I'm 64', 'Let it Be', 'Your Mother Should Know', 'She's Leaving Home', 'The Long and Winding Road' and the medley 'Beatle Brass'.

As a foretaste to what was to become the band's renowned reputation for inventiveness, the LP was issued in blue vinyl.