Tredegar as the 1854 Cyfarthfa Band - 1977

In 1977 Tredegar Band was asked to take part in the filming of the BBC Wales television series, 'Off to Philadelphia in the Morning', which recalled the life and music of the famous Welsh composer Joseph Parry. The series was aired in September 1978.

They played the part of the great Cyfarthfa Band, the professional ensemble formed in 1838 and owned by the infamous Merthyr Tydfil Ironmaster, Robert Crawshay.   

Players were kitted out in exact replicas of the uniforms that were worn in 1854 (the time period of the series), and was lent some of the historic instruments by Cyfarthfa Castle House to use for filming – including a serpent and ophicleide.  

Conductor John Childs was even asked to wear a false beard to ensure that he looked like the band’s great conductor George Livesey.

In a strange quirk of history, the young euphonium player standing second from the right of the second row is Nicholas Childs.

Some years later he became both the conductor of Tredegar Band and subsequently of Black Dyke Band, who just a year after the film was set, was formed in the village of Queensbury in Yorkshire.

In  1860, they beat Cyfarthfa (who came third) to win the first 'National' Brass Band contest held at Crystal Palace in London.